Stepmoms are a special kind of breed…

Rachael de la Mora

This is to all the stepmoms out there who may be struggling:  I  am writing this for you to send out some positivity and hope.

It has been five years since I took on the responsibility of being a stepparent to then SD  10 and SD 12. To say it has been easy would be a lie. I went from a confident, happy, self-assured 39-year-old woman to someone who ended up questioning every decision I made with insecurity and self-doubt. There have been times that I felt like a prisoner in my own home feeling like every move, every argument between my husband and I, every word that I said was being passed back to their Mother (which in many cases, it was). Coupled with that, I have had troubling accusations that were far from the truth being said about me and in turn, have been accused of being abusive…

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